Trips Down Memory Lane

I spent some time this afternoon reading my first blog that I started in 2009. Here's a link if you're's full of really good stuff: I had all these thoughts in my head and I worked them out in my blog posts, something that I now realize I probably do more on Facebook. My thoughts are different now than they were then, contemplative on a different level, I guess. What I love about the old blog … Read More

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The Power of Gathering with Intention

The difference is vision. We can go through the motions, get the job done, and check things off our list...but if we … Read More


It’s New Year’s Eve…you can chill on the goals

It is the last day of 2014. My Facebook feed is filled with advice for setting New Year's resolutions, goals, … Read More

Piper Christmas

Time for New Traditions

I’m having a hard time with the kids growing up. 7th - 8th grade…they begin to leave me. She was the first…I’m still … Read More